I found that Jackson Hewitt descriminates against whites because I got descriminated against by their company and ended up going to H&R block where I got treated like a queen. I no longer trust Jackson Hewitt.I tried to speak with the management in their company and they refused to listen to me and yelled at me.I had an absolute horrible experience with them and will never go to that company again.They would let Hispanics go in line ahead of me and make me wait.They told me they didn't have time to do my taxes and that I would have to come back.They talk to me like they were mad at me but would smile at the Hispanics and talk to them politely.They refused to do my taxes the way I wanted them done and tried to mess them up by filing a different way then what I have been filing.

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I am offended by the racist comments made above made by Jesse and anonymous above. I am LATINO and have 10 yrs ocollege education.

Two masters and a bachelors degree in science. I too have my tax forms prcessed at Jackson Hewitt and have never had a problem. The office I go to caters to Whites, Hispanics and African Americans and we all get treated equal. Please refrain from making comments about the assumed intelligence of individuals because of their race.

The only lack of intelligence is the ignorance of certain individuals who think they are smarter than other people because of the color of their skin or the country they were born in. It's poeple like you who cannot get over this issue that make it impossible for the world to get past the prejudice stage and trat eachother like human beings should. If you were so intelligent you would file your own taxes. And before you even think it; I don't file my own because I have plenty of money to pay someone else to do it without complaining about it!!

I have to pay a fair amount of taxes so that dummies like you can get your 6,000 earned income credit that you didn't really earn because you probably work for minimum wage.. Get over yourselves and go back to school so that you don't have to rely on an annual income tax check to pay the bills.


Yeah i agree, it's always press one for English. They must rig there tax forms so they can screw them with fee's. Most Latino's are to *** too figure this out.

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