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I was an employee for this company. I took all three required courses.

I was hired as an office manager from the beginning, was NOT paid for management wages, which was only .25 cents more than regular preparer wages. I was also told that I would be paid more on my next check...which did NOT happen. I was also charged for uniform shirts that I never received, I did get that money back, only after I quit. While still working there I asked for that money back, and did not receive it until I quit and said I was going to the labor board.

I was not paid correctly, my check was missing a total of 22 hours, I did not receive that for another week. Some employees did not receive their paychecks until the following pay day which is bi-weekly. I also never received my over-time pay, which was used as regular pay. This company is notorious for the employees not being paid on time, or sometimes not at all, some even have been payed with checks that bounced.

The customer complaints are unreal. Last years bank they were using refused to do business with them due to NSF. They were telling customers and employers that the bank was going bankrupt. A customer came in one day and said she called the number on her paperwork, which mistakenly was the bank they claimed went bankrupt!

It was clearly a lie. There are numerous employees working there that do tax fraud...Richard Barnes does know of this activity as it was reported to him, and he did nothing. They all still work there, he just moves them to different stores! The register drawer at this particular store was always open, it was broke, and again Richard Barnes was fully aware of this as I told him myself.

He showed a lack of concern. The store manager Tawnya Comer wanted to write people up for missing money...ranging from amounts of $20 to $5...the drawer was always open???!!! Hello! How do we know she didn't take the money???

This Jackson Hewitt franchise is clearly unorganized, and ran by a family that is dishonest. Also this franchise is giving all JH's a bad reputation, and name. I had many customers come in and complain, and that they would never do their taxes with JH, and would tell all family and friends not to either. We were "supposed" to employee contracts...they would NOT tell us our wages until we got the "contract".

This was in January that we were hired, the contract was written up on January 4,2010. We were to turn them in on or before January 15,2010, or it would be considered not valid. I did not receive the contract until the January 23,2010. I did not sign this contract, as to me it was already null and void since I did not receive I was supposed to.

We did not receive any training. I was put to work on January 4,2010. I had no training at all, and worked for 10 hours with no OT paid out to me still to this date. We are to be paid on Saturdays at 7 p.m.

they claim which is normal business hours...they close at 7, most of them close a few minutes earlier than 7 due to management meetings, so in reality most paychecks do not get handed out until Sundays. The pay checks go to area in which you work, not at the store you work! You can work in Cheraw and live in Hartsville, not get your check because you are working until 7. So clearly the pay day is a farce.

There was too much dishonesty in this company with upper management and owners that I felt it necessary to leave my position.

I also feel it is my duty to future employees and future customers to tell what is going on in this Jackson Hewitt franchise.

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Also never get my contract. They do things sneaky cover their own ***. I might sue them if I'm not paid correctly next yr


They under paid me for a office manager position. They make these fake contract contracts for us to sign paying $11 for my position smh. They were supposed pay me 15$ hr.this yr


I am currently working as a Office Manager after I was forced into the position. I only took the position assuming it was going to pay good.

Well apparently my Pay Rate is only $9/hr and they wont even tell me what my commissions are!!!! e yet to train me or my employees and they are VERY UNORGANIZED!!! This 1st pay pd i got my check but a lot of my coworkers are still waiting on theirs and they didnt even drop off checks before 5pm that Fri like they promised. Instead they asked everybody to pick it up at the Main Office!

(more gas and time) I dont get paid enough to go through this!!! It has been a very bad experience thus far me.

I wouldnt Recommend anybody work for them. I am seriuosly considering quitting ths week if there are no changes!!


MR Ronnie Summerford in your dreams. The kind of company Jackson Hewitt is now you would last a day.

Shelton Parker is a fair and honest man...he knows his *** when it comes to taxes and running a tax franchise. I doubt it very seriously if he was hounding you day and night. He doesn't have the time now or then. Dont think he didnt call everyone that use to work for Mr Barney(I mean Barnes).

If you think you are special you are not, just ask some of the other former employees you ***!

By the way what are you doing now? You LoserI Working for Richard Barney!!HAha Oh yeah looks like he no longer has the building on 2nd Loop!


I worked for them for two tax seasons, and knew what I was getting myself into, and a job is just a job. I am looking for a way to get my w2 from Customer First for the 2011 tax season, where we worked two months before IRS shut them down.

I would settle for someone to give me the EIN for customer First. Thanks


8) Ms. Ronnie Summerford tiss tiss.

So where are you know in the grand seem of things. Personal attacks are not allowed are they not? Secondly its good to see Geppetto(Richard Barnes) has a new Pinocchio (that would be you Ronnie).

Thirdly by the looks of you rap sheet you are a petty criminal that can't do any better for yourself crack procession less the 28 grams that's personal use so you are not just a puppet but a crack head also. The only thing Richard Barnes is good for is standing behind someone with balls not a man who stands on his on 2 feet oh yea I almost forgot Chrissy when your don't sucking him dry of money cause clearly she don't suck him throw me a couple of dollars and JJ said the head ain't that good either


I just recently quit there myself... And everything that was written on this is true...

Makes me nervous that I might not get my last paycheck that is owed to me this coming friday... Thanks for the heads up...


Ok, today is March 21, 2011...Just to let you guy know, Customers First is still open, up and running. Several of the locations closed and the work was transferred to other locations of the company. As with any company, yes, there are some problems and working for the Barnes family is not all gravey, but it is a job, and in this economy, any honest living is a good living.

We are all entitled to our opinions, and we all know our experiences with the company. If you wish to post your comments, that is your right. Just make sure that you do understand that you are responsible for what you say and once it is out there, you cannot take it back. It might come back to haunt you one day.

As for all of the hearsay, I simply think of what my mother used to tell us when we were growing up: Beleive half of what you see and none of what you hear.


I worked for a different franchise of JH and was given a one week crash course training all on paper. All the instructor did was read from their books and not teach.

I was then thrown into the job with no computer training, covered for the office manager when that individual was late or could not work...called in on days off and had to cancel doctors appointments because I could not get time off. Then after getting sick and missing 2 days work with a doctors note I was not given any hours for three weeks. No matter how many times I tried to communicate with upper management I received no communication in response to my inquiries. Now I have discovered that I am locked out of the system so there is no longer any communication avenue.

I am assuming I have been let go, but I would be nice to have been told such and given a valid reson as to why.

JH franchises do not treat their employees fairly and they also take it upon themselves to readjust your time even if you are honestly working after the offices are closed. I would advise anyone thinking about employment with any JH office to look elsewhere.


I see that some of you are using this site to vent how you all feel about past experience with company. and some of you are taking it personally.

Let me give you a little advice keep it simple because I see that one of you have said that you have seen court documents and you have been defending them but what you dont realize is that you are hurting them and yourself by revealing some thing like that. That should have never been shared on the internet and they should have never shared that with an employee.

YOu too can also be summoned into court if you are not careful. So I say to one and I say to all keep this what it is a place to vent if you can not take other ppl opinions stay off this page cause everyone has a right.


I worked for Barnes for 7 years I will not disagree with what has been said. But I know the employees where trained.

They also took about 120 hours of tax training. But like all jobs bad employees got through the testing posses. There where some very grate people working with Barnes and They dealt with the IRS. They resolved cases daily that other tax office messed up.

I also know that with any company. IF YOU DO YOUR JOB BAD YOU GO DOWN.

So when they went down, THEY GOT MAD. But don't put every one in the same boat.


Well even though you would not put your name on here I found out anyway. miss PAMELA SIMMS you are lying.

you have NEVER heard me say a thing about Richard Barnes or Tawnya Comer. The reason I havent is because I havent had a reason. From the beginning they were good to me because unlike your hood rat *** I have an education and i am an AWESOME employee. As for trying to work for the new owner, I did consider my options because THEY CONTACTED ME FIRST.

And yes they contacted me before they contacted you, I guess you were a last resort HAHAHA!!! I decided to stay with BARNES ENTERPRISES even though your bosses Alma Mullins and Shelton Parker harrassed me night and day. As for Corporate, you do NOT know what you are talking about. I have seen the actual Federal Court Documents, you have heard gossip from a bunch of nobodys like yourself so who is the ***???


don't get mad becaue you couldnt make it through a full tax season because you're incompetant and tell lies on a good company. that's just scandolous.


Ronnie why are you lying for these ppl you urself have tried to work for the new owners cause you were trying to get away from Tawyna and richard you was right there in the storefront ladt year dogging them out and now you lie for them you know alot of ppl got cheated out of pay and bonuses. You are nothing but their puppet and you know corporate came down abd shut them down and you know that richard is being sued by JH that is why he put the company in scotts name I really thought you were smarter than that but I was wrong you a just a dumb *** like them!!!!


Richard Barnes if full of sh**. I got hired last year tax season.

I did some marketing at first at the Bi-Lo and the Wal-mart. Then I caught the flu. The doctor took me out of work for three days. I presented Richard with my doctor's excuse and he would not put me back on the schedule.

He is a sorry excuse for a owner of a business. His business was not operating successfully.

So whomever said that it was need to quit fooling themselves. Richard may have brainwashed some of his employees but some still their common sense to know that he's no where close to a good boss.


We are moving on and being happy. But all of these lies on this page is not called for.

You have just put things that are not true. If it were Barnes Enterprises that caused the high rates and not JH, then why were those rates of Customers First ALOT cheaper??? And Customers First was not shut down because they were impersonating Jackson Hewitt. I do not know where you got your information but you need to give it back because they didnt know what they were talking about.

The reason Customers First closed is probably too complicated you someone like you to understand so I won't waste my time explaining it. You need to think because you don't know the real Jackson Hewitt Corporation. This new JH in town is just another franchisee, you don't get to see the real JH Corp.

like I have been able to see. I guess this is another one of those "Anonomous" comments that is full of SLANDER against a company.


Jackson hewitt is no longer under the management of Richard Barnes and Tawyna Comer. jackson Hewitt has better management and lower rates, I hate that you all have had bad experiences with Jackson Hewitt under that management which is Barnes Enterprises but I promise you that with the new managers we have now it has been nothing but blissful. Tawyna Comer and Richard Barnes are not JH they are under the tax company name Customer First and that company has been closed down because they were impersonating JH so you no longer have to worry about these two people so lets move on and be happy.


ok lets keep this short. 99% of the *** on here is BOGUS!

I know for a fact that Tawnya Comer is NOT a drug addict, she does NOT steal, she does NOT discriminate, and she is a GREAT manager. However, she has no respect for people who do not do their job so therefore she lets them know. I guess some people cant accept that so they come on here are trash her. As for Barnes Enterprises, they do NOT cheat employees, they do NOT cheat customers, they were NOT forced to change their name and they are NOT a bad company.

The next time you wanna make false accusations remember that its called SLANDER.

If its true, put your name by your comment and not "Anonomous". Any questions PLEASE ask because when I look at these comments I see a lot of things that I KNOW ARE NOT TRUE!


JH screws their customers and, after one month in, I'm not sticking around to wait for them to screw me. I worked in NC, for someone who has many franchises, in the area.

The preparation fees are OUTRAGEOUS! The practices are unethical. After placing many returns 'on hold' (as told to do, if customers did not have proper ID, to verify info), I was told that I didn't need to see SS cards and not to turn any customers away-even those who were blatantly participating in tax fraud. JH preys on those who don't even make enough annual income to survive-charging approx.

4 times what an ethical, knowledgeable firm would-and employs complete idiots.

In my opinion the whole company is questionable, if it allows such discrepancies, locally! STAY AWAY, consumers and prospective employees!!!


PLEASE BE AWARE! Barnes Enterprises is full of people that do not know how to tell the truth!

In my opinion anyone that works for them is dishonest. You have to be able to lie to your employees and your customers if you work there. I had both and I didn't make it with them. The very 1st opportunity to get out I ran just as fast as I could.

I hope you do the same.

They have a new company Customers First (what a joke). Run


I worked for Barnes and Barnes for four years and two of those years was with TAWNYA COMER and i agree with what some of you are saying its not what you know its who you know TAWNY COMER will tell you her self she is a recovering drug addicted but i believe she is still on drugs she is rude and dont know how to talk to people and under educated a five year old knows more about taxes then she do and the only reason she got a job is because her uncle mr. barnes is the owner and not even blood related he married into to the family she even had to get help from other employees to pass her readiness test. but as far as working for JH I will work for JH because Barnes and Barnes is no longer a JH they had to change there name LOL!!!!! I wonder why. I can tell you why its because they have uneducated people working for them who only takes a two week at the most tax class when i got my papers i went for four months and with the company i work for now they educated there workers on all tax law changes we are not under payed and every one is treated equal unlike barnes and barnes I just glad I was able to find a better company to work for so its not JH its Barnes and Barnes and TAWNYA COMER and why is it every time money came up missing tawnya was always around think about it.

So people just remember all JH are not the same there not the bad guys BARNES AND BARNES is thats why they are no longer a JH cause they were giving JH a bad name!!!!!

And to all you TAWNYA COMER FANS watch your backs because she will throw you under a bus!!!!!!!!!

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