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I went in to file my taxes as a first time customer of JH 01/24. I was pre approved for $2500 Refund Advance online before the appointment and also while there sitting at the desk with the tax preparer.

He even said congrats! Cool. However, the fees to file a simple 1040 with EIC and tax credit cost over $600 in fees! My jaw hit the floor!

But begrudgingly, I agreed because I really needed the 2,500 advance. Fast forward to an hour after I finished my filling. I got an email saying I was "approved" for $500 (???) advance and that it was available on the Serve card.. but that DID NOT include a NEW CUSTOMER BONUS that I was also promised I'd get.

The email clearly states the new customer promo is NOT included.

So let me get this straight... As a new customer that was pre approved for 2500, the bank mysteriously reduced that amount by 80%? That would be like getting pre-approved for a 25,000 car loan and then going to the car lot and only getting approved for 5,000. It's literally unheard of!

And new customers apparently don't get the "new customer bonus" that they are promoting. Bait and switch at it's finest!

I would love an explanation from anyone at JH regarding this matter or I will be reaching out to as many media outlets, bloggers, and social media as I can so that I can make sure people know about this false advertising and that they may be throwing $600 in tax prep fees down the drain for no reason. Because after the process is done there is no way to take it back.

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Pre- qualified is not the same as Pre-approved. I dobquestion your 600 fee.

Fees are based on all of what you bring in.

But a normal 1-W2, a couple of kids, would be around 115.. I would contact the district manager of that store.


Not only did you make a mistake in using a tax prep firm with high fees to do your taxes, but it also appears you made a number of mistakes in life, causing you to need and rely on a tax refund in order to sustain you style of living. Mistakes in life tend to follow you as you proceed on life's journey.


now now, if you don't have anything relevant to say then don't say anything at all. Have a nice day!

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