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In June of 2019 IRS audit and found out Jackson Hewitt is hard to get someone to call you back and no e-mail to reach representative ! After we found out was error on their part , we paid what we owed .

In September we get another IRS letter stating we still owe money not paid from the 2017 taxes that Jackson Hewitt had fixed there mistake but not all interest was paid in full.

Have been trying to call Jackson Hewitt and the same, no way to leave message or send e-mail . Guess I will pay balance just to be done with 2017 taxes and probably never use Jackson Hewitt tax service ever again , unless they give me a few years of free service to try to regain there trust !

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $181.

Jackson Hewitt Cons: Small ofices closed.

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The problem with the chain tax prep services is actually contacting someone after tax season in addition to not knowing how accurately they prepare your taxes. Bottom line, tho is that YOU are responsible for the accuracy and payment of the taxes, not them.

There are many local tax preparers in most communities who have been around for many years and may be better in getting ahold of and/or accurate. Ask around with friends, etc.

to see who they use. In your case, just pay what IRS says you owe and get on with life.

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