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Jackson Hewitt got me with their early advance marketing scam. They lured me in with an online pre-qualification of $200 when I brought a pay stub and an additional $300 when I brought my W-2.

I was denied the $200 via email when I brought my stub, but the email stated I was APPROVED for $200 when I brought my W-2. The lady at the office explained the fine print on the pre-qualified $200. Pre-qualified does not mean guaranteed, but approved does. I understand that.

And she promised id get at least the $200 I was APPROVED for when I brought my W-2... So despite the fact that their filing fees are much more than I was paying at a competitor previously, I returned because I'm in a very tight spot and the $200 is really needed right now. Well.. you can guess what happened after I brought my W-2.

No $200. I got an email stating I'm not approved for an advance at all. I'm a hard working, low income, blue collar American. I feel like Jackson Hewitt is preying on and taking advantage of people like me.

I feel cheated because I would have never paid Jackson Hewitt's rediculously high fees (double nearby competitors) if it wasn't for this bogus early advance marketing campaign. I hope to see legal action against JH for this.

I will be complaining to the BBB and I will do everything I can to warn others not to be victimized by JH. I did call my preparer and told her what happened and she did not sound surprised, and she said it's the banks decision and she's sorry that happened but theres nothing that can be done.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jackson Hewitt Tax Preparation.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I have been going to JH for3or4 years.. I have horrible credit and identity theft issues with my husband's name ...

Not only do they answer every question ( twice sometime) but they are there for issues that arrise they are there all year .. and I get approved Everytime for early access .

No issues at all I recommend JH to everyone every year ... Thank you


I was prequalified for 3500 and didn't get a penny. just a big fat denial and a 510 charge for filing taxes.

never filing with them again.

I don't think there are many people who will after this years bs. it seems to me that anyone with bad credit is getting denied for a loan that's not "Credit based"


They may not pull credit from one of the big 3 agencies but I'll bet they pull credit from places that store information on rental defaults, payday loans, bad checks etc.. If you know you have bad credit, you shouldn't expect to be trusted with a large refund anticipation LOAN.

You've shown for whatever reason, you're a bad risk. They've been there and done that just as those among us who are waiting for money we're supposed to get back when that tax check rolls.

They just don't trust you... Read what you sign....Understand what you sign....Problem solved....You're welcome...


They tell you that there is NO CREDIT CHECK!!! so it is based on what you get back is what i was told...


From them: C'mon....You knew you were a train wreck and wouldn't qualify. How do we know, because you're whining about a "no credit check" loan.

Do you think they're stupid enough to trust you with money? This is what they say: "The No Fee Refund Advance is an optional tax refund related loan (not the actual tax refund) provided by MetaBank at participating locations for a limited time. The amount of the loan will be deducted from tax refunds and reduce the amount paid directly to the taxpayer. Fees for other optional products or product features may apply.

Tax returns may be filed electronically without applying for this loan. Loan amounts are between $200–$3500.Availability subject to identity verification, eligibility criteria, and underwriting standards. Disbursement rules apply.

Funds loaded onto card within an hour and direct deposit next business day, unless impacted by IRS delays. Most offices are independently owned and operated."


Same exact thing happened to us. We will never got here again. Wish I would have read the reviews before we went.


The same thing happened to me. They said that I prequalified for $2500.00 and then they sent me an email saying I only qualified for $200.00 now and then $750.00 when I bring in my w-2. It is a scam,so BEWARE!!


Forget the BBB.

They are toothless and ineffective ; they are not the commerce police.

Don't you know that income tax refunds are very quickly forthcoming directly from the U.S. Treasury these days ?

Why give any of it away ?

I rarely receive a refund as I don't give free loans at zero interest to anyone for a year and would prefer to pay a small amount come April 15.

Closer analysis of your withholding will help you.


Millions of people have no choice but to pay these high fees because of financial hardship. Keep in mind the average working family that gets an income tax refund is living either below or near the poverty line.

Waiting 3-4 weeks just isn't a financial option for some people.

This is especially true in circumstances like the present where workers aren't getting paid because of the government shutdown. The rent and bills are still due.


This scam is about as positive for working people as a payday loan would be.

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