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Everyone make mistakes. I went to Jackson Hewitt in my local walmart to get my taxes done. I was told its 38.00 if I leave my taxes with them, with extra fees to do the state and local. I drop them off and two days later I get a call that they are done. Okay, that's cool. 134.00....thought that was a little extreme, but I am used to using Turbo Tax. I do not have kids or my own home and have been at the same job for 7 years, so it should be relatively simple.

The lady told me I owed my school district 692.00. When I questioned her, she flipped through the papers nonchalantly and told me that they were right. Okay...I take them home and a couple of days later my mother reviews them, and finds that the error is they have charged me for a year of living in that school district when I was only there for 6 months. The lady knew that, so I went back to get them fixed. This lady was more concerned about making sure that we didn't blame her for the error that she got an attitude with my mother.

I leave them there for over a week, and get a call from them saying that I can pick them up, there is nothing wrong with them. I tell them for the 3rd time what is wrong and the lady says she will look into them yet again.

I finally got my taxes done. It took 2 weeks. I never received an apology and they acted like this is an everyday occurrence. I could not believe how uncaring they were. They are the ones that messed up, but it was actually my fault, because I decided to actually go there.

This might not be a big deal to some, but I couldn't afford 692.00. When I went in to pick up my taxes for the final time, the lady is laughing and joking with the woodforest bank person, but the second I came up, it was like ice. She took the papers, said these are now amended and that was it.

I am not looking for compensation, even though I would have gotten it at H&R block if they would have messed up. Jackson Hewitt should really be wary of the way they are being represented. Its tax season, and people are stressed, but I walked in there, and I was treated coldly from the very beginning. They mess up and its my fault. I will never go to another Jackson Hewitt for taxes again, and I will make sure everyone I know knows that as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jackson Hewitt Tax Preparation.

Monetary Loss: $134.

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For all you saying do them online for free, fyi jackson hewitt got me 184 dollars more than turbotax was going to. just saying


how much does a free return cost....


Actually, if anything, I was more than courteous and friendly. I am a professional manager at a store, and it is in my training to do so.

It is my nature not to complain, so getting me to a place where I actually feel like I have been wronged would tell anyone that actually knew me that something TERRIBLE must have happened. If they were friendly in ANY form, I would have never said a word.


First yes you can do your taxes on line for free as long as it is a 1040EZ form. As far as Jackson Hewitt being in a Walmart they try to make it convenient for their customers and many appreciate this. The kiosk are private and the computers have privacy screens to protect the clients information.


Mr. Nicholson, JH has an excellant reputation and stands by all of there products.

JH screens all their prepares and puts them thru months of training. As well as this year they have to meet IRS standards and testing. Maybe it was the approach that Ms Steele1977 used that got her such an icy reception at the end.

Maybe it would be better if she did them herself than she won't have anyone to blame but herself if she is wrong. :zzz


I have completely learned my lesson. I will be doing my taxes myself next year.


Two things:

1. You do NOT need to pay anyone any kind of money to do your taxes. You can do it for free on the internet at many places,eg., or

2. You should have been suspicious of the tax preparers if only because they were located in a Walmart, of all places!!! Jackson-Hewitt does not carry the best of reputations, young lady.

Now, next year, do them yourself, online.For free.

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