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I went at the end of January 2018 to see about a tax advance, I was told that I was approved for $4,900 has a cash advance that it would cost around 700 in tax-prep fees, I didn't want to pay the 700 my vehicle was broke down and I could use the $4,900 to pay to get the truck fixed after and I repeat after I filed he said I'd get anywhere between 35 and $4,900 back on the tax advance. So the next day I see a deposit of $500 in my checking account and I call him, he said that it was going to be dispersed into different payments once I was accepted I'll get the bigger portion of it, and then after that he said that's how it's been working with most people but I can't promise you that's what's going to happen......

So I called the issuing Bank and they tell me that all I'm going to get is $500. And I asked why and they said that's all I was approved for, then I proceeded to tell them that the man at the preparation office told me that I was approved for 4900 dollars and she said that that was just a pre-approval that wasn't guaranteed. So what they do is they get you to come in and have your taxes filed for an ungodly amount of money because I could have done them for myself for free and ended up with $700 more, then I stack all the other fees on you like the bank fee and whatnot.

but it's just a scam to get you to come in there and have them do a half-ass job anyways charge you out the *** and then promise you things that they can't even guarantee. Be Leary folks the sad part is these people are trained this way I'm sure which is so uncool if I had any suggestion to you I would tell you to just file your own taxes for free on TurboTax

Product or Service Mentioned: Jackson Hewitt Tax Preparation.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Totally agree.


I dont have bad credit, and the people at the office don't give you ANY paperwork to read until AFTER you have signed..... The TELL you that you are approved for that amount, they don't tell you its a possibility that you won't recieve what they are saying.... I have lived at the same house for 12 years, have had the same job for 4, And all of the quotes are helpful, thanks, but when i ask they told me that was what i was APPROVED for NOT pre approved is what im *** about


Sure they do.... It's on their website...

Just drove by one of these joke places and it's on their window on a giant poster. Of course, you and many other whiners didn't bother to read AND/OR ask questions before signing up. This is what they want you to do. This is what they expect you to do.

They know you couldn't be bothered with the details. To be clear...There is NO WAY that any for-profit organization can tell you that you're PRE-APPROVED with 100% certainty. That applies to credit cards and loans(which this is) until they run you. If you could get a loan, you would have been at the bank or credit union a long time ago rather than trying to get "loan" against cash YOU loaned to the GOVERNMENTat ZERO PERCENT interest.

Does that make any sense?

Again...They know their typical customer who is usually in a bad spot(often times of their own making)WILL NOT read beyond that $3500.00 headline banner. This is on ya'll for allowing yourselves to be taken for a ride by joints like this and the government.


Sooooo....You just blindly signed something and have the temerity to be upset that there was "small print" you weren't aware of. Gotcha


Do any of you bad credit, feening for a tax check like a junky actually think you'll qualify for a $3500.00 loan. GTFOH...

These things are loans paid by a bank...If your credit sucks, you will not qualify for anything much less a loan. Do you people read the small print...If you have the internet to post @#$# like this, you can read the rules. They may not look at your credit per se from the Big 3 but there are other credit reporting agencies that they could use to check you out. You best believe that they look at @#$# like multiple addresses in a short time, multiple phone numbers, weak job histories, driver license histories, bounced checks and other stuff that's a tell-tale sign of a bad risk.

Anyone whining about being denied a "no credit check" loan know full well they aren't to be trusted with paying their obligations on time if at all. You bellied up to the table, thought you could get over, rolled the dice and *** out. They are not stupid. Read and understand what you sign up for...

Here, let me help you. " Fees for other optional products or product features may apply. Tax returns may be filed electronically without applying for this loan. Loan amounts are between $200–$3500.

Availability subject to identity verification, eligibility criteria, and underwriting standards. Disbursement rules apply.

Funds loaded onto card within an hour and direct deposit next business day, unless impacted by IRS delays. Most offices are independently owned and operated."


True that. People like to *** and moan when they have no idea what there talking about