I called the office and was interviewed, based upon my tax information I have them the person sad it would only cost me around $200 to have my taxes done with them. So I made an appointment.

After he did my taxes he charged me $400 dollars! There was also errors on my taxes. He also told me if I get a refillable card from them I would be able to get my tax refund in two hours...after I signed up for it then the tax person told me I would only get a thousand dollars from their refillable card. Then I got a text from the American Express SERVE company that I was denied to get my money right away until the IRS looked at my tax return papers.

Another person called me from Jackson Hewitt office later that day to ask me about my experience...and I let him know I was not happy about it! He told me that the first time doing your taxes with Jackson Hewitt tax preparer usually don't get their taxes back right away thought their card.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is; THEY LIED START TO FINISH!!!! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THEM AT ALL!!!!

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