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I set up an appointment to go in for a tax refund advance on 1/3/2019. Got there early, everything was going great.

Informed my tax preparer Brandi, that I may have a corrected 1099, So I only wanted to apply for the loans, not to submit my taxes. She assured me MULTIPLE times that we were not submitting my taxes because she "didnt want me to have to file an amendment if my 1099 was corrected" GREAT!! She gave me some paperwork to bring back in with me with my corrected 1099 to finish up my taxes and correct them if necessary. Finished up, signed for the loan, got an estimate of what my refund would be.

Great day. I even got home and did the survey for her (ALL 10'S) Next day, come to find out there was a computer system error for the refund advances and Jackson Hewitt needed to update their system and reprocess the loan. Again I was reassured over the phone by Brandi that this was resubmitting the loan and my taxes are NOT BEING FILED and I still needed to bring in the paperwork she gave me and my corrected 1099 to submit my taxes. I called the customer service line a few hours later to try and make sure that there were no more errors, they tell me my loan is saved, but not resubmitted.

They call Brandi, she assures them its submitted. Ok, we go through this another 4 times that evening, Customer service saying it isnt submitted, Brandi telling them that it is. Whatever at this point, its either submitted or not, I dont even care at this point, Id wait and see what happened. Got a denial email the next day, doesnt say which loan I was denied for, Brandi told me if i was denied for the "Go Big Refund Advance" that Id need to click on a link in the email they send me, to change to the "No Fee Refund Advance" Look at the Email, Nothing to click on.

I called Brandi back, she said "they will send you a follow up email and the link will be in there". Not surprised at all, I never got a follow up email. I was done with Jackson Hewitt, they cant even tell me correct information about a loan application, why would I go back and finalize my taxes through them? Noone can tell me which loan if not both I was denied for, tried customer service, facebook, in store, and through metabank.

I am Done with Jackson Hewitt. So Imagine my Surprise when I get an email stating that the IRS has accepted my federal refund??????? Surely not, I never submitted my Taxes with Jackson Hewitt this year. Oh yeah, It was sent over.

Called Customer service again, Was transffered around a few times, few different phone calls, Finally got escalations. She assured me the regional Manager of that location would contact me to resolve this. Got a Call from Fred, apparently in order to submit a refund advance with a 1099 the taxes HAVE to be submitted...and APPARENTLY my tax preparer informed me of this, even though she assured me multiple times that she was NOT submitting my taxes AND THAT I STILL HAD PAPERWORK SHE GAVE ME AND NEEDED IN ORDER TO SUBMIT THEM. He is happy to file an amended return if my 1099 is corrected, but theres nothing else he can do for me without a copy of a recording of Brandi telling me she was not submitting my taxes...This is straight up FRAUD, I am being FORCED TO PAY THEIR FEES, and there is nothing in this world that would make me go back through Jackson Hewitt for anything, so now I am forced to pay for someone else to do an amended return, and my tax refund will be late because of this.

Looking around facebook and reviews, turns out I am not the only one this has happened to. Something needs to be done about this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jackson Hewitt Tax Refund.

Reason of review: Fraud.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Jackson Hewitt Pros: How they said it was going to go.

Jackson Hewitt Cons: Being lied to all the way through the process.

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Have you considered asking for return of your fees? Did you have them insure their work? If so they can give you back your fees and do your amendment free.


I did. Spent weeks on the phone with them DAILY, their response was only ever "our tax preparation has never had a complaint, we would need proof that she told you that"


If it makes you feel even the slightest bit better, they tried pulling the wool over our eyes too. The advance changed 5 times.

All of the fees and what not were going to be $500 for us to get an advance, I figured ok if we got at least $1500. Nope we only got approved for $500. Metabank issued the loan and then days later my husband gets a call that our return wasn't accepted and it had something to do with my name and I had to go back in and sign everything all over again. Well...

we already got the $500, do they honestly think I am going to come back in so they can charge us $500 to loan us $500? No thank you. Without knowing my maiden name on my social and without me signing everything again they can't file our return. So for once they were the ones who got screwed over!

I filed online for free and saved $500 doing something myself that took 30 minutes. $500 for that are they crazy!

I guess they should have made sure the return was accepted before issuing the $500, their mistake not ours. Now I will just contact metabank when my refund arrives and pay them back directly for the loan, bye bye middle man Jackson Hewitt!