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I let jackson hewitt file my taxes on 2/5/11 and I provided all my new account info due to i filed last year with them and I new they had old acct info.

The rep put in the wrong account info and my money was deposited in the wrong account and I paid jackson hewitt $395.00 to prepare my taxes.

now my money is in limbo somewhere and jackson hewitt has no info as to where my money is and no disciplinary action was taken and I feel I shouldnt have to pay $395.00 to have my taxes done and my money get lost and I have accumulated late fees from my bank and wait almost 4 weeks.

very disgruntled customer, grrrrr

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Are you referring to your bank account information?? If so, that can't be correct.

JH does not retain that information in their system. Only certain information is retained and accounts are not one of them. Furthermore, you have to verify on your paperwork (THAT YOU SIGNED) that your bank account info is correct before your tax return is submitted.

If this was not done, then you are just as responsible as the preparer. The reason why they don't know....is because again, after your tax return is submitted, that info is not retained.

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