2jackson hewitt scammed me.they lied 2 me and had my hopes high. now i have 2 cancel doctors appointment because of no gas.tax processor knew when i walked out the door that taxes wasn't filed.

she blamedc everything on me because i did not say money now loan up front. that means befire showing id etc. i spent 2hrs. in the office for some ***.

they did not even have the decency to call me on their own, i had 2 call them.

they disappointedme. i know i am mad because i am not even using capital letter

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:( I tried Jackson Hewitt for the first time this year. They told me that they would "meet or beat" last years preparation cost.

For me that was $160. Guess what they charged??? $160! The next day NBC had a Jackson Hewitt commercial stating they would beat last years prep cost by $50.

Someone is lying! I just got off the phone with the office asking for $50 refund and they told me they just couldn't since I had already paid but they would be happy to give me a discount next year if I came back.

Really? I don't believe I will ever walk through those doors again.


if you owe any federal debt i.e. back taxes, child support, student loans the IRS will keep a portion or all of your refund and should that happen the bank will not be funded and Jackson Hewitt doesnt get paid more often then not when you owe these debts jacksn hewitt ends up doing your tax return for free because they dont get paid if you lie and say you dont have any of these thing so they get screwed by you the customer a lot more often then they ***


They screwed us on our 2007 taxes. The "highly trained clerk" (HAHAHA) "forgot" to include a W2, but then added more money onto our Gross income and now we owe 2000.00 in back taxes. Called their office today and got the answer, she doesn't work here anymore and since I wasn't there, I can't help you out. But please, take these 10.00 coupons and give them to your friends! WTF?? Why would I send anyone there?

Customer service is useless too. They bounce you all around and do nothing to help you. This place should be shut down.

They prey on the poor and use the need for their money to get rich!!


LIARS!! and blame it on the irs and bank.

They don't care, they get their money!!

I called and asked them all kinds of questions as the rep fumbled her way around answering. We all could have saved hundreds of $$ and did them on-line for free and had it back sooner, minus JH and BANK fees!!

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