I purchased something on line and the company held the funds twice by mistake. I was told by the company that normally the funds will be charge the next day and the other hold will be released as well.

I then called jackson hewitt a week later because the funds were not release. Their very rude customer service rep then told me I have to wait 15 days before they can release the funds. What a scam!!!!! I have never heard of such an outrageous rule.

They just want to keep my money in the account for as long as they can. These type of scams should be stopped!!!!

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i've been trying 2 contact customer service for 7days reguarding my tax refund and am not able 2 speak 2 a csr do 2 me not having a deposit made 2 my account.but get this,the irs said they they deposited my funds 3days ago,wheres my oney?if n-e one has a number i can call please post it :( :( :( :( :(


The problem doesn't appear to be with the Jackson Hewitt Ipower card but rather the online company where you made your purchases.

Depending on the type of authorization, the funds maybe held anywhere from 15-30+ days. If the online company truly processed two authorizations, you should contact the online company and request they correct their error. They do have the ability to make these types of corrections by contacting the Jackson Hewitt card and submitting some paperwork to verify that they do not truly plan to process the second transaction.

This is done to protect you from being overcharged on your card and thus having the Jackson Hewitt Ipower card attempt to collect funds from you when the online company made the error; something I am sure you would appreciate.

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