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Jackson and Hewitt wont give their Chrismass loans this year.

Same with HR Block. They didnt have there signs up and I called and they said no Christmass loan this year.

Why I got to write one huyndred words to fill this page to complain? Why cant I just say what I got to say the way I want to say it?

Did anyone else know there's no loans this Christmass? Did anyone get warning so they know they can't get their loans? I wasn't told. How long was they gonna wait to tell us? Where they goning to tell us ever?

What kind of disrespet is that to youre loyal customers?

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Piedmont, California, United States #236291

I really wish people would realize that it's not always a companies fault that you don't get a loan. ALL banks are having issues with regulations changing, the IRS changing and the economy being not so great.

Mainly Shay B. did you ever think that with getting two or three credit cards prior to this that you over extended your credit? Also, because the IRS is no longer telling the banks if you owe money on a federal or state debt that the banks ARE taking a risk loaning money to you, therefore if your credit report doesn't meet the underwritting critera you won't be approved.

Also, HR Block Bank and Tax Service are affiliated but ARE NOT the same thing. Please get your heads out of your butts and do research before spouting off about things you obviously don't understand.

Ensenada, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico #222739

H&R Block does have tax loans and they are giving more than any other tax business because they own their own bank. The IRS has made changes which affects loan processes.

Emerald advances are loans and no one HAS to give a loan. This year I do know that H&R Block has a higher rate at approvals than anyone.

Our economy is in need. What we need is God more than money.


H&R Block Bank makes the decision on the loans, not H&R Block Tax Service. The Tax Service has no say so in who gets approved and for how much and the Tax Preparers take all the heat - Clients are given the reason for denial and for some it is credit and others it is simply that they do not have the ability to repay a loan but whatever the reason, it is not the fault of the Tax Preparer and it should not be taken out on them.

I understand that emotions are high as clients are in need but H&R Block is being as transparent as possible and that is more than can be said for competitors.


HR Block is full of mess. I have been using there service for years and today I wasn't approved for an advance on my taxes.

I don't owe anything, always paid back on time and my credit is decent. I just got approved for a bank Mastercard, a Wal-Mart card and another store credit card. HR Block just lost my business for good. I'll do my taxes myself just like last year.

But this time I won't efile with their over charging, false butts. Why do a credit check for a tax advance, especially on customers who have a good record with them?


Block will have loans this year, but not as high $$ and not as easy to get. The IRS quit snitching on taxpayers to the banks and letting the banks know that the taxpayer owed money to the IRS or the Feds (child support, student loans), so the banks are not willing to give out $$ they won't get back.

Choose your tax company based on getting your taxes done right, not on getting loans.


H&R Block will have loans this year with the national launch beginning around 12/6/2010. They will be available to Block clients and non-prior Block clients.

Jackson Hewitt will not have loans and will have limited RAL funding.


Don't know where you live but I am manager of an HRBLOCK in SC and we are offering Christmas loans starting 12/07/2010

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