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I had Jackson Hewitt in Waldorf Md. prepare my 2008 taxes.

To say they were unprofessional would be an understatement. They were supposed to be ther at 11:00 am and arrived at 1:38 pm. The preparer was nice enough but, the office manager was not only rude but, offered questionable advice on questions the preparer had about certain deductions. To top it all off, my wife went by to pick up the finished taxes and was verbally abused by the office manager as well as locked in the bldg by same because the preparer was not finished at closing time.

She ended up contacting 911 to get someone moving to come back and open the door so she could leave.

All this while our 12 year old was home alone waiting for her. I have called the owner of this franchise but have not heard back from him as of yet...

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Jackson Hewitt said I was unqualified even though I had my Enrolled Agent status. For those who don't know what what an Enrolled Agent is, I can actually represent you during all phases of you audit before the IRS.

Most managers don't have that status. Jackson Hewitt only cares about there money and not their clients.


First of all, all of the people working for these companies go through classes that these places offer. They are not accountants at all. An accountant that has a degree is going to charge anywhere from 75 to 150 an hour to complete your taxes.

The typical tax return takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. If you own a business or have investments, it can take a little longer. Yes, these companies offer guarantees, but so do qualified accountants. Do your homework, and check the website to check out ones in your area.

Accountants use expensive tax programs to do your taxes and this software is loaded with all the newest laws. As long as you are honest, and provide all the required information you are safe.

Also, these companies offer your a tax refund right away for a fee. Look, if you have a bank account, the IRS can deposit your money in your account within two weeks. I've never had it take longer than 7 days. Keep your hard earned money in your pockets folks. Don't pay that fee.

If you are low income, which means you fit the federal governments definition of low income, you can get your taxes done for free by professionals and online.

Just check the website. There is official information on there and it can save you $$$$ if you do.

Just some friendly advice so please don't flay me.

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