my wife went in to have her taxes done. i knew at least as much as the woman doing her taxes.

at the end she told my wife that everything was in the folder. when we got home and i looked at it, i realized they had not even given her a copy of the return, and had not reviewed it with my wife. when i called the manager, she said that you did not have to file schedule A with the IRS.

after much screaming they agreed to mail us the forms. i will never use them again and will make it my mission to tell everyone else not to use them

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I work for Jackson Hewitt and can can run rings around many CPA's when it comes to knowledge of individual taxes. Generalizations are nonsense.


If you know as much as the tax preparer, why didn't you do the return yourself?

Irs.gov has every form a person or business needs to file. Free to print.


I work in public accounting at a CPA firm. We have some clients that do not itemize, we still, however, show them every single form (even ones that are not filed), include them in an organizer so that they can see what's going on.

I think it's basic customer service.

Basically, if you want an amateur doing your return, go to Jackson Hewitt or H&R Block, if you want a professional... go to a decent CPA firm


Did you have enough to itemize with to require the Schedule A? If you are not able to itemize, then no, a Scedule A will not be filed to the IRS.

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