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I decided to go to Jackson Hewitt this year because H&R Block wasn't doing the rapid this year. Well, after the lady filled our 1040A form out she charged us over $500.00 in preparation and fees.

Although we got a $1500.00 check the next day, it took us two weeks to get the rest of our Federal. And the state check is anyone's guess. The IRS states that they mailed it on 02/09/2011. Jackson Hewitt said we would pick it up at their office.

No one has seen it since the ninth day of February. Can anyone tell me where my money is.

Needless to say I will never use Jackson Hewitt again. And H&R Block, I am so sorry and if you'll have me back next year I'll see you all then.

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I wish I had found this site before I went "again" to JH. After many phone calls and several face to face meetings in their Guthrie Okla office I had to sign the papers and pay them $320 plus.

When I got home I discovered that they did not post some items properly, which, I am sure that they will come back to haunt me later. I will guess that for an extra fee they will amend the forms to read correctly. And, they said I get nothing back and I owe nothing (taxes).

This really seems strange to me. I will not go back to them again.


Funny, at Jackson Hewitt we're getting a lot of H&R Block customers and NOT for the loan. As a preparer, we never tell when the State is coming in.

We have no idea and they could pull a CA (give I.O.U.s). As for the loan, when we have a screen that tells us to show you all your options. I personally try to steer customers away from those loans. As for the cost, not knowing what your tax situation is, what you needed to file, how long it took, etc.

I can't comment. I can tell you that we have discounts available. Our manager can further discount when needed. Have you talked with the Main Office?

Is the $500 including the loan charges? You don't say.


H&R Block would love to have you back I am sure. I would also suggest taking your return that JH did this year to your closest H&R BLOCK office and letting them do a Second Look! :x :x

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Not your mistake at all.

What JH does is advertise that you can get money in 1-2 days failing to be truthful and state that it is a partial loan,you STILL get the rest in 8-15 days just like the IRS has it occur, and that less than 50% get approved.

I'm certain you will be treated better at H&R when you do your taxes next year. Good Luck!


Sorry to hear you were robbed.I am a preparer at H&R Block and if this helps you I have a phone number to check on the status of your Ohio refund 1-800-282-1784. Hope your tax year next year is better.

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