well when i filed first it seemed that 2,400.00 was missing i had 1,150.00 went to the 2 loans i got from the i power card now where did the other 1,250.00 go the fees was suppose to be 300.00 rip off!!!!!!!!!! big time i usually go to another jh but i was a diffrent franchise from my normal one very big mistake i checked on it on sat and i was told nothing came back yet from the bank so it should go through well i called the main office and found out that the bank rejected it when i talked to the lady at the location she did not tell me that so now i have to wait 8to15 days i need the money now not then.

if i had went to my normal one i would of had my money that same day or at least half.next year i'm filing either with e file or turbo tax.

Review about: Jackson Hewitt Tax Preparation.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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h&r block is checking your taxes free and if they find misstakes fix them


Anybody with an internet connection can do their taxes for FREE, and have the IRS deposit their money in about 10 days! Do not pay these fees! Would you give a person $250.00 for mowing your yard when you are capable of doing it?

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden #110780

I have been filing with jackson Hewitt for 3 years and I have never had a problem...I dont understand why people do these loans,If you have your funds direct deposited you will get your refund in 10 days

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