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someone should do a class action lawsuit on jackson hewitt because they lie to their customers they had me waiting for my stimulus payment and come to find out that they did it wrong. They are scam artists and I am going to take action against them.Never use Jackson Hewitt they are totally crocks.

and they can take their ipower card and shove in.

all the fees and all the lying.i had been with them for 9 years but after this they have lost a good customer. if all tax companies are like this one i will get irs to do my taxes from now on.

Monetary Loss: $4551.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #964979

I wouldn't care if waiting for the refund was even an issue, my problem with Jackson Hewitt is the mistyped amounts they "copied" from my w2 oh and let's not forget! Not knowing how to spell bank of America!!!! I'm beyond pissed right now, my experience with this *** was "ok let me see this this and that" then "ok done sign here" there was no review there was no ok let me show you to double check, nothing *** them and I will be done there tomorrow ripping them a new one


I just got a letter saying I owed the IRS $2,376. from 2012.

I paid Jackson Hewitt $447. to do my taxes. I have my proof but will have to find out whom to go through as tax offices are done for the year. They typed I made $27,500.

when it was really $37,500. I am on a fixed income and deaf so hard to find someone to help me on this. Seems like the crooks are legal. I thought someone checked the numbers out before I signed it?

Already gave my Meds I need as can not afford them now.

How do I find out what to do next? Lost in Michigan with the jobless people on streets with no home begging for money in this State.


Each year for the past 3 my local office has increased the costs to prepare my taxes by $100.00 now to $460.00. This year they forget to file for the EIC and if it wasn't for the IRS noticing this I would have been out over $1,200.00.

JH says nothing more than I am sorry.

This year I was rushed through my appointment. This will be the last time I use their service.


First of all, JH tells you everything when it somes to your tax return so if you don't listen to what they are telling then it is your own fault. Plus they tell you all the fees etc.

An you get a copy of everything not 50 pages so not sure where you get all that information! All JH are not the same so dont get it twisted an if you are so *** smart do your taxes yourself then plus get a life!


Directed at shaniej: How dare you tell people what you have. we go to someone like JH because they are the PROFESSIONALS.

They filed my Husbands taxes wrong for 2009 and 2010 and then act like we are interupting their day when we call to talk to them about it. JH is no different than any other company. So you mean to tell me if you go to a restraunt and order a $300.00 meal and they bring the wrong plate to you that you have no problem with that because in reality you should have stayed home and cooked yourself right?

Or went to cullinary school to learn how to make the meal you ordered. What a joke, you do not know these people and you know nothing of what JH put them through so until you walk in their shoes you honestly shouldnt judge!


:( :( :( :? i would love to!!!!i got money on my card boom gone over $800.....


I filed single, no dependent, nothing to claim, one W-2 but yet in little of fed returns $222, owed state of MI $53. My tax preparation and other fees from Jackson Hewitt I was charged $179.

It's pretty outrageous! Can anybody tell me how come the fees are so high considering that my returns are so low? I tried calling the corp but they gave me the number to the main branch in my area (Southwest Florida) so I called and all I got was blah, blah, and then he said he had to run so he had to let me go.

It's bad service with a scam. That's ok cuz I filed a complaint with the Florida BBB on them.


if you don't think others are educated enough to handle your responsibility to the irs and think Jackson Hewitt does such a terrible job and charge too much then educate yourself and do them your self. Good Luck, I assume you have the time to take one of the income tax courses that they offer since you have the time to complain about them. Get a life and take responsibility for yourself!!!!!

to shaniej Ridgeley, West Virginia, United States #602772

As a matter of fact, I did file my on my own, with no classes. Turbo Tax is the way to go, they educate you and help you step by step to get the most back.

I understand how the system works so clearly now and didnt realize that I was losing out on possible extra money.

I'm tellin ya people, even if you have no idea of taxes, Turbo Tax will help you to get the job done. And for about $60 total both State and Federal.

to shaniej #619518

they get paid for that if i knew how to file my own i would they get PAID for their service they should do it right first time or make it right when they do mess UP


2009 I filed my taxes in St Paul MN had no problem. However last yr I filed at the north Mpls branch now I owe 2k for a simple error, the preparer put my dependents as my kids I told the lady they were relatives me and my son mother was taking care of the kids while there mother was having hard times,of course I brought the so called gold gurantee, the manager Bob said all he can do is submit some papers and no it's up to the insurance company I will b filing a consumer suit I refuse to work for somebody to take all my money


jh patricia frasure put on my tax papers that i owned a day care i dont and what is nonfarmtax? i dont know that either i cant ever get anyone on the phone my state came but she totaly screwed me i didnt make enough last year to get what she said im getting back then charged me 440$ to do my taxes then wanted me to give her 200$ when i cash myfederal which im not ive turned her in but no one from the i9rs will call me either ya im gonna sue if i get audited


This is in response to the post by " Tired of the Bull". Well you must work for JH because you have all the same excuses as they do.

JH is the one preparing the taxes. Therefor they are the ones responsible for mishaps or errors. Yes there are papers that state everything. However, JH is responsible for telling you everything- no matter how small.

If they dont have the time to review the 50 pages they give you then they arent conducting business correctly. JH works with the banks. Therefor they know what is going on. JH refused to disclose all information to you because for one, it is time consuming and two they want you to hurry up, sign the papers and get out.

That is how it works for them. Once you sign they hold that over your head. I feel for everyone that has an issue. These are peoples taxes, not something to be messed with.

JH tells the customer what they want to hear- ex: " Yes we do the RAL loan and YES your refund will be given to you right away!" You pay the price/fees and have this warm feeling that you have money on the way. JH knows they have no control over the money and as long as they get their hands in the pot first, they dont give a hoot about you.


I too, had problems last year with this famous place. I did my taxes paid the money to get it back fast and received my check 2 months later.

I got my state before my federal...

The lady put my address in wrong so my check went to someone else's house. I noticed the mistake called they more or less said oh well and i ended up going to the wrong address talking to them and they called me when my check got to their house....I mean some try to defend these people BUT when were all paying 300 plus of our money for 20 minutes of work IT WOULD BE NICE TO HAVE THE WORK DONE CORRECTLY..someone please SUE these people or report them to the better business bureau


HI-I wirked for j.Hewitt a couple of years ago in processing . I will never work for them again!!!!!!!!!!

Especially since I realized years later they did something wrong on my taxes and I ended upoweing 10,000-- They have taken my taxes every year since!!!!!!I didn't even get 10,000 back & everytime I call to get help they claim they will help & never do!!!!!!!If a consumer suit is filed please include me & keep me posted!!!! I am a single mother slash student & I work hard all year just to freely give my money back cause of some one else's mistakes!!!!!!!!!


If they put the stimulus on the return, you would not be able to apply for a RAL, it would have delayed your refund, and the IRS was delaying refunds because they were checking to see what you got the prior year for the stimulus. This past year they gave more money to the people who weren't eligible to get their entire stimulus the year before.

It is in fact true that they didn't know this was going to happen until it happened. To prevent a delay, they did NOT continue to include info on the stimulus.

As for paying the fees for a RAL, and being denied, they automatically change the refund to an Assisted Refund, and the fees are lowered accordingly.

There is no reason for a tax preparer to be responsible for a State refund not coming until "December". This had to do with the State itself; in PA there were budget issues. There is still no reason if you filed in March or even April to have to wait until December.

You aren't providing all the information pertaining to this delay.

Furthermore, there is no way for the Preparer to know why a Bank denied a loan. That is confidential between the bank & customer. The preparer is NOT connected to the bank database in regards to denials. The ONLY product they can tell you that you are approved for immediately is the money now, which is available within the hour usually.

The preparers don't have your refund just because it was deposited to their partner Bank. The Bank has to transfer the availability of funds in order for the Preparer to print your check. If the Bank has not done this yet, if THEIR system is delayed for any reason, you will not have the money ASAP.

This means that it can take longer than 1 hour, and for a RAL it can take longer than 24 hours. You sign the paperwork stating that you understand the timetable, the procedure for denial of a loan, and whether you chose the extra Guarantee or not--you MUST sign that paper, so if you saw it, and said, "you never told me about this", that would be YOUR responsibility to ask to change the return.

If you lose your card, it does take a while to get a new one--try having your identity stolen, or even your driver's license, and get a replacement/fix to the problem IMMEDIATELY. It WON'T happen that way. Same with your credit card, or a check someone stole. There is a PROCESS to get a new one issued.

If you needed the money so badly, you should have paid attention to where you put it! That's your own fault!

The Preparer is NOT the Bank. They are 2 separate entities.

If any government holds back your refund due to you owing that government, that is not the Preparer's issue. They are NOT connected to that database so they can NOT see what you do or do not owe a government/child support/student loan, etc.

Many offices close after April 15th plus a day or two. You must go to the MAIN Processing Center for that local franchise to get info after that week! If they don't have that phone # on their business card or on your copy of Your paperwork, then that is the local franchiser's issue.

This phone number should always be on your paperwork. Did you READ the paperwork?

My guess is no, due to the false accusations posted here.

The Card comes with a list of FEES inside the SAME envelope. You were informed if you bothered to read it. You can usually cancel within a certain period of time.

The Card is issued by a BANK, not the tax service. They can't tell you why the Bank was delayed, why your card has not been replaced yet, or how long it will take in the event of a computer crashing on the BANK'S end!

You also do NOT receive a State Refund from the Federal Government. They are 2 different governments. The fact that you don't know this does not make the tax service at fault.


Jackson Hewitt made a "keystroke error" on my 06 taxes and now I owe the irs over $5000. Yeah, Im a little pissed.


Wow, what a bunch of *** people! Always blaming the other guy when they don't get their way.

Go to a CPA next year, and be sure to ask them for a RAL. Good luck.


IRS will not accept any wrong ssn. and everybody got the letter from the IRS saying the taxes was done wrong with the rebate credit.

Ensenada, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico #53674

I don't work for Jackson, but I know there are good tax pros and not so good tax pros. you need to shop around, some even have profiles and training listed on line of there tax pros.Now, on the tax pros side.

I feel that while doing others taxes as soon as I show them the amount they are going to recieve back I loose them into some sort of haze. They quit hearing anything I am saying. They get so focused on getting there money, that the words loan, approval, acceptance of IRS, ect. aren't even heard.

I always suggest my clients that we e-file there return, pay fees today or for a bank fee we can with hold the fees from your return.

In 2009 between the credit checks by the banks, and the IRS holding everyone up and messing up that recovery rebate credit BAD, all the poor tax pros are getting blamed. Most of us are good and do care about you and try to help you as much as we can

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