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after getting my taxes done she said it would be$272.i wrote a check.when signing for my tax returnes there was a form that had gold guarantee on top with a fee of $40 .i ask what it was.they explained i said i didnt want it.tried to talked me into to it.they refunded my money from the $272.i dont like the fact they tried to sneek in a form without asking me from the beginning.wish i didnt let them do my taxes.by the way they are located in walmart.that should have been a red flag.

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Ipower charged me an additional 140 dollars on my second installment. I inquired but was given the run around by both Jackson Hewitt and by Ipower.

I used Jackson Hewitt for the last 7 years, but after this I will not be using them anymore.

If there is a class action suit concerning bogus fees I want in on it. Shadtek@hotmail.com


I am sorry this happened to you. I always ask all of my clients every question that is necessary so that they can receive every credit they deserve and so that they fully understand what they are being charged for.

I have NEVER given a Gold Guarantee without fully explaining what it is and helping the client determine if they would even need it. Some people are trained to charge without asking. I refuse to do so.

Before I became a tax preparer I always used Jackson Hewitt, and was furious when I realized all of the questions that were not being asked of me. Know ahead of time that there are many deductions that can be taken that many preparers are not making clients aware of because they may not want to take the extra 15 minutes to get you your best refund.

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