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Went with my daughter to havevher taxes done --- nobody was there but one employee and no customers--- employee was on the phone discussing her personal business with whomever shecwas speaking to ---- told her fill out form and shevwould be done in a minute--- she was rude from the beginning --- told her she needed to get additional information and come bsck --- within 15 minutes of getting additional information we returned--- she was with another customer--- we waited an additional amount of time to get taxes preparec --- got there at 11:30 and didnt leave until 2:05pm on Thursday, February 8th. She told her she wantec her she wanted taxes filled out the same way the were prepared last year by yout company and asked if she needed to see last years return ---- was told no and you need to have your paperwork in order before you ever come back --- did not inform her what her refund would be or any other information--- sign and we are done is whatvshe was told --- she got back $1000.00 less this year than last year and she was charged alot more than last year to have them filed.

I was considering using your company since my daughter spoke highly of you last year but after the way she was treated i refuse--- i will not recommend a company that acts like this or allows workers to behave this way. Kay at 205-300-4504

Product or Service Mentioned: Jackson Hewitt Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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