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How come it takes 5 hours to get your taxes done? This is only the icing on the cake.

They told us at first that we could come in and do rapid refund but that commercial and person on the phone I spoke to did not tell the truth.

Then they tell you may receive an anticipation loan and it would be there in a day but it takes 2 days and the rest will be here in 8 to 10 days and 12 days later you call and they tell you it will be another 4 days.

Please is there something I am missing here?

How would you feel when it is your money and they keep making promises that they are not fulfilling. It feels like a screwing without any pleasure.

Monetary Loss: $360.

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Yeah people sit here and complain over *** things. Just says if u qualify for a Ral it can take 1 to 3 days. So why are people complaint if its not there in 24 hrs. Just wait u have waited a year already what's 3 days. About the (jh) costs u can't sit there and say they didn't tell u! Cmon really after they go over all paper work they go over all amounts that u have to sign yourself so there is no reason for people to blame(jh) u

sign and have copies of everything. So if something gets overlooked that's your fault for not paying attention.why are people getting so mad u have waited a year for your tax return what's a few more days.one

more thing people are getting upset with (jh) if its not.

Not 8-15 days but fyi its 8-15 after its recieved by the IRS. So go over your paper work and actually read it before u start pointing fingers.

exactly 8-15 days. But fyi its 8-15 days after its recieved


Refund anticipation loans are what they are. LOANS!!

Not everyone will be approved and it is 24hrs from the time your tax return is accepted by the IRS not the date your taxes are done. So depending on what's going on with the electronic filing process with the IRS(not JH), that will determine when you get your money. You said it yourself..they told you that you MAY get a refund anticipation loan. They didn't tell you that you would.

If you are denied for the loan, it AUTOMATICALLY changes to an assisted refund which takes 8-15days. Make sure that you know what questions to ask before you let anyone else do your taxes. Including HR Block.

They have just as many complaints. Look it up.


Well, it is like the McDonald's toys which they know it is enticing for kids but it is money making business. How wrong is it really for your child to take candy (toys) from a stranger? Parents should be more in control of this.

You should be more in control of your own tax returns too. Advertising is the key to entice you to commit.

It is up to you to decide if you want part of your money now up to the limit set by the sponsoring bank of the tax franchise. They will not pay all in the rapid anticipated loans since there might be errors and need hedging to minimize losses. So their needs come first. They only need the first small portion of your refund money to transact the Rapid Anticipation of your loan to make their profits...thank you very much. You be the judge or the deciding party to this crime of steeling money from so many blind consumers. I recommend to take the time to learn doing your own taxes and be in control or your own financing rather than letting these franchises fancy your money.


Yikes, it should not take this long. Ask for their tax preparation card or letter for identification issued from IRS.

If they do not have it they did not pass the test. Only requirement is for a tax preparer to pass a test, not much knowledge on hard core taxes as it is a revolving door and tax preparers do not last long because of the inside politics and are all mostly job seekers....college students could do this better for free or a small donation but now a tax preparer license is required!

24Hours or 1 day is what is advertised for you to want to come in an have them prepare your taxes but when you get there, tax preparers are refrain from such promises as it is not feasible....everything takes time....they just want your money which they will get regardless of your complaints. It is a done deal once your taxes are submitted to IRS for processing...they will get your money 100% of time. It is a big money for nothing business and who cares if it is wrong.

They will not do amendments as there is no money to be made since you will probably have to pay and IRS refunds are already issued.

Just scream some more and come again as you are now hooked to rapid anticipated loans. I do not recommend it as is $300 of your money.


o and people are so dumb cant do anything there selves. so many dumb people so little room in the jail syatem for them.


jackson hewitt rocks people that complain are freaken idiots

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