Its July 3 2013 and I just received my tax return! I had checked on their website as well as the IRS website and every time I checked it said it was still being processed.

I called the IRS to see what was going on and was informed that my refund had been sent to Jackson Hewitt the first week of March even though we had it set up as direct deposit. So I checked may tax records to see if the account numbers were right, and they were. I proceeded to call the Clearfield branch to find out what had happened. The gentleman that answered told me that according to their records the check had been picked up and deposited into my account March 8, but he would look into it further and call me back in a "few days"( call took place June 3rd).

As Monday came around I still hadn't heard anything and was getting antsy (who wouldn't after hearing their refund had already been deposited). So on Monday went the the Clearfield branch(1-6PM according to this site and Jackson Hewitt's) and nobody was there. I tried calling and and got no answer so I left a message and preceded to call their main company to file a formal complaint. I received what I would consider a belligerent phone call the next day from the same gentleman from the Clearfield, Utah branch for filling the formal complaint and was told I could pick up my my refund on July 3rd (the following day).

I arrived at the office informed them that I would also like a refund and the gentleman told that he would not do that but would give me 50% off of next years taxes because they had attempted to contact me twice, but after those two attempts had not tried again.

I was not thrilled with going through this company again and suggested once more that I wanted a refund and he once again refused. Take from this what you want, but I for one would suggest going elsewhere to have your taxes done.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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