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I paid and had final income taxes done for my father (who is deceased)....jackson hewitt

dropped the ball and did not let me know that a 1310 form needed to be filled out also....so the IRS has been holding up the refund....Jackson Heweitt will not own up to their mistake and is passing the buck to have the taxpayer advocacy handle this....I got ripped up one end to the other by someone from the IRS, but all i get from Jackson Hewitt is "I'm Sorry" and, of course, is sticking up for the person who did my taxes.. I will never do business with them again....I paid $178 for nothing...The man said they don't know how the IRS works....If they are doing taxes they had better know the rules.

Monetary Loss: $870.

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Naples, Florida, United States #590650

First, a tax preparer, or accountant, only knows what YOU tell them. YOU are responsible for making sure they have all the information they need to prepare taxes.

And why did you pay $178? That money should have come from the estate of your father, and any refund should be filed with the court, if you are the executor of the estate.

Are you the executor? The refund could have been held up if someone has filed a claim against the estate.

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