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Cannot recommend Jackson Hewitt to ANYONE. Their incompetence cost me countless hours of work with the IRS to clear up their mistake.

Just 10 minutes ago, I paid the interest/penalty charge of $694.05 from their debacle from 2016, after dealing with the IRSs lawyers (on my own) for the last year.

In 2015, I decided to use a professional tax service , opting for Jackson Hewitt. Justin did my 2014 taxes and we got a good refund (I had done my taxes myself for the previous 25yrs with no issues), but then received notice that they messed something up to the tune of $285. Figured wasn't worth arguing over and paid it. Went back for the 2016 taxes and we got a $16k refund!!!

We were shocked at how much it was and questioned Justin who told me it was due to Obama care (the reason I went to a professional was I was confused over the changes in the health care laws since I was paying for health care myself)

After receiving the refund, used it to pay for my wedding, etc. The next year we went back to Jackson Hewitt assuming would be getting a similiar refund. When we were told that I owed we were shocked. After I researched it, learned that Justin failed to enter a W2 (although he entered the other information as I switched employers and was working from home).

the new person told me not do anything "and hope you don't get audited."

I spoke with Shawna (Mgr) who (and this is recorded) acknowledged what Justin screwed up, she found OTHER errors with what he did. She did do the 2017 taxes for free. When I asked her about the issue with 2016, was told that while they did screw up, "their lawyers are the best and we would never win." Was told to hold onto the money. I ignored that advice and immediately paid the 16k back.

Later I was sued by the IRS for late fees, etc. After discussing the matter with their lawyers (on my own) they agreed to waive the $6k in penalties that I was assessed as a one time courtesy. I then later learned that I was still responsible for the interest of $694.05 that the IRS neglected to mention. I have paid that as of today.

Again, Personally, I will never allow anyone to ever do my taxes again.

I took a chance letting "professionals" do my taxes and the result has been sleepless nights and this daily nonsense and embarrassment, threats of levies, etc. over the last 2 years.....not to mention the loss of money.

I asked Jackson Hewitt to do the right thing, and the refused. Sure, I could have purchased their insurance, but seriously, why would you pay insurance for a professional company?

That is crazy. On a final note, I did 2018s taxes using free software and everything went smoothly (like the previous 25+ years prior to using professionals....).

Product or Service Mentioned: Jackson Hewitt Tax Preparation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $694.

Preferred solution: had to handle it on my own.

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